My friend

Please find my picture of a place that is very special to me. 

My friend’s name is Litchy.

I find that at this place my feet are the same as the dirt on the ground, as if they are linked and intertwined.My spirit soars at a special rock in front of the waterfall where I feel the divine completely present and all linking as one. Here at this friend’s place all is one. I feel loved, scared, nourished and surprised. 

This is a response to a stimulus from a group that I am part of where I was asked to provide a photo of a place which is very special to me among special places. One place from where I deeply connect, draw strength and feel deep belonging. I was asked to write two – three sentences about my relationship with this place and introduce this place by name as your friend.

Who is your friend?

If you were asked to do this what place would you write about? What place do you deeply connect, draw strength and feel deep belonging? I would love to hear!

NB. You can visit my special place virtually or in person and this website will help you.

PPS. The featured image is by the amazing Louise Denton and you can find more of her work and images for sale here.


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I'm an Australian, studying and living in the US who wants to enhance community and relations throughout the world.

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