What is your essence?


This has been both a friend and foe during this Pandemic. 

The way that I have chosen to live time out has been by taking courses online that are offered through Coursera. I’ve been lucky that the classes I’ve chosen to be a part of are offered for free. I invite anyone who would like to peruse Coursera class offerings to do so; there are many classes, they are offered from professors all around the country, and some have no cost associated with them. 

Today, I am here to share with you a practice that I learned about in my class “Healing with the Arts”. This class is free and it is about using different mediums of art to heal. There is a practice that we were invited to participate in that I would like to share with you all. This practice is about discernment. My professor invited us to find a sacred space in our home, to do a guided meditation with her, and to sit with these three questions.

What is your essence?

What are your obstacles?

What do you need to heal to transcend your obstacles?

Now, I will admit, it took me a week before I could actually discern these questions. They were looming over me for a couple of days and slowly they began to sit with me. Finally, on one not so special afternoon, I decided I had the answers. I picked up some colors and paper and went to my sacred space in my home. I sat, looked at my paper and asked myself “What is your essence?”

Below is my answer.

My essence is movement.

It is rich.

It is vibrant.

It is earthy.

It is colorful.

It is love.

It is life.

It is energy.

It is open.

It is circular.

It is connected.

It is relational.

It is mystical.

It is light.

It is alive.

It is the rays of the sun touching a budding rose on a clear spring afternoon. 

I invite you to answer this question. “What is your essence?” Maybe you will need time to pray or meditate, or take a walk before you can answer it. Maybe you will want to write or talk or draw about it. Maybe you will find the answer quickly or maybe it will take you hours, days, weeks. Regardless, enjoy the process, enjoy the time. Let it sit with you. Let the questions guide you to answers that you know or are foreign. 

What is your essence?

What are your obstacles?

What do you need to heal to transcend your obstacles?

This piece is by Yajaira (Yaya) Morales. Yaya is a Teacher in the Bay Area, California and an avid seeker of the divine. Yaya was born the oldest child to an immigrant Catholic family in the Bay Area, California. Her spirit developed from the wise women who raised her: mamá, countless tías and cousins, grandmas, sister, and La Virgencita de Guadalupe. Through her journey in life she’s found God, lost God and found God again through her childhood, schooling years, Jesuit University degrees and finally by marrying the love of her life. When not quarantined you will find Yaya teaching dance to her community students, watching football and Disney movies with her husband. If you’d like to connect with Yaya you can find her on LinkedIn.


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I'm an Australian, studying and living in the US who wants to enhance community and relations throughout the world.

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