Introducing Dany

Dany is a teacher, leader and academic in the theological space. Hailing from remote Australia she ventured off to California to do her MA in Spirituality at Santa Clara University and through the many twists and turns the life brings she is now based in Darwin (Northern Territory) and travels back to Northern California regularly to spend time with her partner. More information can be found on her LinkedIn page.

Since COVID 19 has entered our world I’ve had a personal calling to offer some guidance and wisdom during this time. Honestly, I feel daunted by doing this. In a world where currently there are so many voices why should my voice be different? Well, the reason for me is: I couldn’t not do it. As a budding theologian and spiritualist my yearning is to help the world nourish at this time and to take comfort that God is all around.

What will this blog focus on?

  • This is a blog for women who are looking for wisdom from other women.
  • It will be curated so that you are receiving a feast for the soul from a women’s perspective.

This is a site for musings, reflections, sharing theories, responding to callings and all the ways our lives are shifting during this current climate.

  • Expect to hear from women who are from all different faith backgrounds.
  • Some topics that will be discussed are: politics, religion, nature, children, partners, marginalization, sex, food, prayer, meditation, theory and the list goes on.
  • If you’re a woman searching for meaning, hope, guidance or just a place to hear the response from other women this is a space for you.
  • From this site I hope to accomplish a community of women who are proud, loving, confident and leaders in an often male centered world.

This is going to constantly evolve. Should I start and Instagram, what about Tik Tok etc. For now, these things are meaningless. For the time being the meaning is in your response to feeding the soul of another sister. A woman born from another woman. At times like these we need women voices. Will you be a voice? I hope so.


Published by danyekelly

I'm an Australian, studying and living in the US who wants to enhance community and relations throughout the world.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Dany

  1. Thank you for your post, Dany. It is wonderful to have virtual space for women to share their insights, wisdom and encouragement during this pandemic. I’ve been meditating on the phrase from the Lord’s prayer, “Give us this day, our daily bread…,” to get through each day, relying on His grace and peace that surpasses all understanding. He is my anchor in this time of uncertainty and I hold onto the faith and hope that we will come out of this stronger and better. That is where my fuel and energy comes from to tackle the challenges of each day as we survive this pandemic. I’m grateful for those in the frontline who continue to serve us. Words are like angels. Thank you for the platform to be angels to one another during this challenging and unprecedented time in history.


    1. Oh Gina, it’s totally my pleasure! Thank you for your response. The line that you’re meditating on is so powerful. Anchors are important at this time. I wonder what my anchor is? I will need to take some time to contemplate it. Thanks for being Gina.


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